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What could be tougher than losing weight? Keeping those stubborn pounds at bay once you've reached your ideal fitness goal. It might seem like you have achieved it all once you're down to a healthy weight, but sticking to that number and maintaining the weight can often raise to be a bigger problem for people.

This is primarily because the diet you might have opted for – or even the meal plan you're swearing by – could prove to be impractical and restrictive in the long run. And this is where food journals and a little work out in the morning come into play.

From reminding yourself to not skip meals to being a stickler for a planned nutritional diet and maximum benefits workout, here are the top six ways to maintain your weight loss easily.

1. Early morning workout

"Working out early before work forces you to get up and get moving," Michelle Jeeninga, a certified personal trainer at Push Fitness, US, shared with the Daily Herald. "This way you don't have any excuses (about not being able to exercise) after work."

Ensure that your workouts – even if later in the day – require maximum muscle movement and exertion.

food journal
Maintaining a food journal can help you make notes about what you eat so you don't slack into unhealthy eating patterns. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

2. Food journal

The idea is to log the food items consumed so it is easily noticeable if one starts to slack or fall back into the older patterns.

"Pick two to three days of the week to log everything you eat and drink using your favorite calorie counter," said Samantha Woulfe, a US-based registered dietitian with Jewel-Osco told Daily Herald. "This helps hold you accountable to your food choices."

3. Do not skip meals

"Skipping meals leads to overeating," said Woulfe. Especially in cases of breakfast – which is the most important meal of the day – one should pay attention to eating it within 30 minutes of waking up. Make sure the breakfast is packed with nutrients like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

"If you tend to skip meals, try preparing that meal the night before, so it is ready to go the next day," added Woulfe.

Healthy Meal, Tuna salad
Eating only two large meals a day- breakfast and lunch- can help manage type 2 diabetes better than the normally recommended six smaller ones, a new study says.Camilo Rueda López/Flickr

4. Plan, prepare and time your meals correctly

If you're one of those with absolutely no time to think and plan a meal on a daily basis, plan ahead for a week at least. This saves you a lot of time too.

Also, prepping on the go can be a hassle for some. For example, prepare a proportionate size of a meal for a week at least and set them aside, separated in baggies.

The timing of meals is also a key in maintaining your weight loss. After breakfast, eat something every three hours to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

hot water
Apart from being a holistic remedy to start the day with tea-spoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon to help weight loss, lukewarm water between 120°F and 140°F drunk before going to bed at night can help ease constipation too. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

5. Liquid calories

Juice, smoothies, alcohol, and soda might seem like a treat once you've lost the weight, but you're pretty much drinking your calories by consuming them. Focus on more water instead.

6. Most importantly, be consistent

Be stubborn about the diet, nutrition and workout regime that seems to work for you. Nothing else will pay off more loyally in the long run!