Hadiya in Salem
Hadiya was brought to Sivaraj Homeopathy Medical College in Tamil Nadu's Salem under tight security on Tuesday, Novemeber 28Twitter

The love jihad case of 25-year-old Akhila Asokan better known as Hadiya is yet again in headlines after Hadiya's father Asokan KM on Wednesday, November 29 stated that he would move the Supreme Court to impose restrictions on his daughter over talking to Shefin Jahan, whose marriage with Hadiya has been annulled by the Kerala High Court in May this year.

Asokan's statement came after G Kannan, the dean of the Sivaraj Homeopathy Medical College in Salem and her court-appointed guardian, let Haidya speak to Jahan from his mobile phone on Wednesday.

The apex court bench of Chief Justices Diapak Misra, AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud heard Hadiya on Monday and ruled that dean Kannan will be her local guardian in Tamil Nadu's Salem.

Hadiya wished to speak to Jahan

After Hadiya was brought to the Salem college to continue her studies on Tuesday, the dean reportedly asked her whether she would like to talk to anyone, to which she expressed her wish to speak to her husband.

Dean Kannan was quoted by PTI as saying, "Hadiya spoke to Jahan (her husband) for a while from my mobile phone, after I, as local guardian, asked her whether she was interested in talking or meeting anybody."

He added, "She appeared to be relieved from depression after talking to him (husband). There is no restriction imposed on her to talk or to meet anybody."

However the 25-year-old who has been at the centre of love jihad controversy in Kerala said that "I am very eager to speak to my husband."

Earlier on Saturday before leaving to New Delhi, Hadiya was heard shouting to the media at the Cochin airport that, "I am a Muslim. I have embraced Islam of my own free will. Nobody has compelled me to become a Muslim. I want justice. I want to live with my husband."

hadiya husband jahan
After the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Sivaraj Homeopathy Medical College dean will be Hadiya's guardian, Hadiya says 'I am still not free, I want to live with my husband'Twitter

Also after the SC hearing on Monday Hadiya had also alleged that she is not free still and that she is not allowed to speak or meet with Jahan.

Hadiya's father to approach SC again

Hadiya speaking to her husband didn't go well with her father and he has yet again alleged that Jahan, who has connections to extremist groups likes Islamic State, should be stopped from meeting or speaking with his daughter.

"I am preparing to file a contempt of court petition against the college," said Asokan claiming that Hadiya should be barred from attending media meets and stopped from seeing or speaking to Jahan.

Asokan said, "It seems the college is not taking enough measures to ensure her safety. I don't want my daughter to revive her relations with Jehan, who has got good connections with extremist elements like Islamic State. My whole fight is to block an extremist's entry into my family."

He stressed that, "I will immediately move the Supreme Court seeking an order restraining Jehan from meeting her. Besides, the college authorities should be directed not to allow her to address the media. Jahan has no right to meet her."

Asokan has also alleged that the dean allowed Hadiya to attend a press conference earlier and in line with this he said, "My biggest concern now is over sending my daughter to such a college."

He added, "If the college can make arrangements to conduct a news conference what will they do tomorrow. I have no other way other than to approach the court. I have already initiated the necessary action."

Hadiya in love jihad controversy; Jahan's alleged links to IS

Hadiya, who was placed in the custody of her parents by the Kerala High Court since May 2017, after her marriage was annulled with Jahan, has been defending her stand. She has been saying that she is not a victim of any forced conversion and that she converted to Islam on her own will.

Shafin Jahan and Hadiya
Shafin Jahan and HadiyaTwitter

Jahan had earlier moved the SC against the NIA probe the court had ordered in annulment of their marriage and alleged links of Jahan with IS. Jahan had also claimed that stopping Hadiya from seeing or speaking to him is clearly barring the independence of women.