The 25-year-old woman and mother of two children had no idea about the impending danger when her husband coaxed her on taking for a visit to a beach in Trivandrum. She was asked to stay at a family friend's home in an isolated area near Vettuthura beach in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram district on Thursday evening where five men including her husband brutally assaulted her.

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The police have taken the five into custody. The husband, according to the police sources, told the woman that they would drop in at his family friend's house nearby for a moment following which the heart-wrenching incident took place.

As she speaks

The gang-rape survivor told the media that her husband had taken her to the house even before although nothing happened then and there.

On Thursday night, she says, it was her husband who forced her to drink liquor in the midst of five or six men in the house.

Later, one among them grabbed her shoulder when she was left alone in the home with her elder son. She added that an old woman at the house told her the men were dangerous and asked her to escape from the place before they return.

But as she was about to leave, four men came, claiming that her husband had entered into a brawl with someone. She went with them, but the men pushed both woman and the boy to a car parked on the road. They were taken to an isolated forest-like place where she was tortured in front of her child, who was also ruthlessly beaten.

The woman says she is not sure if she was raped with her husband's consent or that he in real entered in a brawl.

Cigarette butts pressed to skin 

The men pressed cigarette butts on her skin and she had lost her consciousness when one of them slapped her. By the time she regained her senses, she found herself to be naked.

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Frighteningly, one among the torturers is said to be a teenager.

Unbearable of the burning pain of cigarette butts on her skin, she pleaded the men to let her go home with her son although instead of getting her back in their vehicle, they wanted her to run into the road.

It was a biker who saw her in the pathetic condition helped her arrange a car to reach home.

The survivor said that her husband later came to her mother's house asking her not to file a police complaint. He also demanded her to go with him which her mother dismissed.

The house near Vettuthura beach is reportedly owned by one of the accused. The woman was soon admitted to a hospital in Chirayinkeezhu after suffering severe wounds over all her body.

She disclosed the incident to the public after regaining her health and discharging from the hospital.