In yet another shameful incident, a 53-year old blind woman was raped early on Friday, April 17, morning in Bhopal's Shahpura area. Her husband unfortunately was stranded in Rajasthan due to the ongoing national lockdown.

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The blind woman, a bank officer, was living alone in her apartment when an intruder at her home raped her in the pre-dawn hours of Friday.

Suspect entered through balcony

According to the police, who visited the apartment, suspect probably entered her room through the balcony. Since no money loss has been reported, the intruder has not planned for theft, said the police. The man has but, taken away her phone after the rape and left the apartment locking the door from outside.

It was the neighbours who opened the door and came in rescue of her when she began shouting. When she told them what had happened, they alerted the police.

Being blind, the lady was unable to describe her assailant. She could only provide the cops with the details on his voice. According to ASP Sanjay Sahu, the lady had left the balcony door open to keep away from suffocation. The balcony, situated on the second ground, is connected to the steps. This must-have provided the suspect with an easy entry into the flat, says the officer.

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Investigation underway

He also added that a rape case has been registered and an investigation is underway. The lady was taken to a nearby hospital by the cops. Arrangements to bring her stranded husband back to Bhopal from Rajasthan have also begun.

"She spoke with relatives over the phone till the wee hours of Friday and went to sleep at 3 am. Since it was a very warm night, she left the balcony door open for ventilation. Around 4 am, the intruder barged in. He clamped a hand on her mouth before she could scream and raped her, threatening to kill her if she called for help," said the SHO of the local police station.