The incident happened on November 1, but came to light after 15 days.IANS

A businessman and his 11-year-old son were abducted in New Delhi by a cab driver and his friends and held hostage for hours before being released. The incident took place on November 1 but came to light much later. 

The father-son duo from Nagpur had booked a cab through an app from the New Delhi Railway Station for Delhi airport. They were dumped in the Kashmiri Gate area after being held in the car along with his minor son throughout the night. 

The businessman was forced to hand over his belongings to the captors, who also withdrew cash through his ATM cards. The captors then took the father-son duo to a house in East Delhi, where the businessman's mobile phone was used to book cabs for other customers.

After being released by their captors, the father informed the police at the New Delhi Railway Station. He wrote in the complaint that both of them were blindfolded while they were held hostage. Sources said the Delhi Police found the car, in which the two were held hostage, abandoned on the Meerut road.

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How alert is the police?

This incident has put the Delhi Police in the dock, raising questions about its alertness, especially during night patrolling. The fact that the kidnappers could drive around the blindfolded duo freely on Delhi roads throughout the night without being detected exposes the claims of Delhi Police that they are an alert force.

Even fifteen days after the incident, the police is yet to identify and arrest the kidnappers. Police sources said they suspect the dreaded Mewati gang to be involved in the incident.