Weird Style at Grammy Awards 2012 (PHOTOS)

Celebrities around the world go to any extent to grab attention at big events. Lady Gaga hit the headlines a couple of years ago by attending the MTV Video Music Awards in a dress made of raw meat. Some celebrities added weird elements to this year's Grammy Awards too. Check out the weird style at the 54th annual Grammy Awards 2012. Feb 14, 2012

Bold Fashion Statements at Grammy Awards 2012 (PHOTOS)

Fashion and big events go together. Celebrities wear special designer clothes to such events. Some even wear bold attires. Hollywood celebrities and singers adorned the 54th Grammy Awards 2012 with glamorous and stylish outfits. Feb 14, 2012

Celebrities Galore at Grammy Awards 2012: Glamour Unlimited (PHOTOS)

It was celebrities galore at the Grammy Awards 2012 on Sunday though the untimely death of the popular singer Whitney Houston marred the mood of many. Hollywood big names and personalities from various professions too graced the event, which is organized to recognize the musical talents around the world. Feb 13, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan to Undergo Surgery this Saturday

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will undergo surgery for abdominal pain on February 11. The 69-year-old actor revealed on his blog that the surgery is likely to take place on Saturday. Feb 9, 2012