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Jennifer Hudson reveals 'Sex and the City 3' might happen

New Delhi, Oct 4 (ANI): Jennifer Hudson has just dropped a hint revealing that ' Sex and the City 3 ' might be on the cards. In a recent interview, she revealed some behind-the-scenes buzz for the third installment of the movie, a web portal reported. She said that the third installment might happen as somebody just came to her talking about the movie. Oct 4, 2014
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Lindsay Lohan 's stage debut receives mixed reviews

New Delhi, Oct 4 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan, who forgot her lines on stage in her debut theatre performance, has got a mix review of her play Speed-the-Plow. British and American newspapers have criticized Lindsay's move and some have still stick to the old view of the 'Dramaqueen' being a talented actress, media reported. She was helped by a prompt when she forgot her lines. Critics and reporters also had their view clashing with the director, Lindsay Posner, who did not admit it was a mistake to cast her for the role. Oct 4, 2014