Karan Johar Feels 'Talentless' After 'Barfi' Movie

Director Anurag Basu's magnum opus "Barfi" has left a delicious taste in everyone's mouth, including critics and other big filmmakers. But the film has corroded Bollywood stalwart Karan Johar's thinking processes to the point where he now believes himself to be "inferior and talentless" after watching "Barfi". He even went on to call Basu as the "god of all filmmakers". Sep 16, 2012

Tamil Movie: Vikram's 'Thaandavam' Deals With Human Echolocation

The most-anticipated Tamil action thriller movie "Thaandavam" starring Vikram, Anushka Shetty, British beauty Amy Jackson is directed by AL Vijay under the UTV production banner. The main plot of the movie revolves around a blind-man who uses human echolocation technique to seek revenge. Sep 15, 2012

Movie Review: 'Barfi' Delivers Humour With Pure Showmanship

"Barfi" is a simple, earnest and more often a non-talkie attempt to make audience laugh. The film has an innate comedy factor coupled with a heartwarming aspect - notably missing in recent comedy flicks. The filmmakers seemed to have won hands down in delivering the right punches in terms of humour and selfless love. Sep 14, 2012