Over the years, there have been several occasions when Spider-Man was forced to don a makeshift costume. Most of the time, he ended up looking ridiculous. Here is the list of five such costumes that tops the most bizarre level.

German Costume Shop costume

During the Spider-Man v Wolverine one-shot, Peter Parker and Ned Leeds were investigating for the Daily Bugle in Germany. One day, Peter returned to the hotel to find Ned murdered and armed agents encircling his body. Out of nowhere, Wolverine showed up and killed all the agents. Afterwards, Wolverine fled. Debating what to do next, Peter decided to track Wolverine and find out what is going on. Hence, a new costume came into existence in Germany.

Store-bought costume

In Amazing Spider-Man #25, Spidey had to give up his costume when a Spider-Slayer trapped him. In order to get himself freed, he had no other option but to get rid of his costume. Back at home, Aunt May found the back-up costume and took it away as she didn't want him to dress in that "horrible" Spider-Man costume, even for a prank. Therefore, in the next issue, Peter comes up with this solution:

Fantastic Four costume and Bag-Over-Head

In Amazing Spider-Man #258, Spider-Man visited Mr Fantastic to learn about his new costume that he further discovered was actually an alien symbiote. With the help of Mr Fantastic and the Human Torch, the three heroes captured the alien, but now, Peter had no costume. Hence, FF lend him one of their old costumes. However, this costume had no mask, so...

Paint-Canvas Man

In Peter Parker: Spider-Man #18, Peter is on the streets after losing his apartment. However, overnight, someone stole his backpack that had his costume and web-shooters in it. Later in the issue, Green Goblin's clone attacked Liz Osborn so Peter had to save her. But without a costume, he had to use a paint covered canvas to hide his identity.

Bag Man

In Spectacular Spider-Man #256, former villains Grizzly and the Gibbon decided to try their hands with being superheroes for a change. However, they were captured by the White Rabbit. This incident occurred when Spider-Man had a bounty on his head. He already had created some alternate identities, but he didn't have enough time to go back and change. So, he decided to improvise in this hilarious fashion: