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How to find the Best Home for yourself?

How To Find The Best House For Yourself? Wait! That house may seem like everything you've ever wanted, but before you make an offer, take some time to consider a few things beyond the size, style and price. 1. Decide A Budget Range Examine your finances, keeping in mind current and future expenses, and don't exceed your means. It's smarter to buy a home you can easily afford than one you have to stretch to get into. 2. Look At The House Carefully When you tour a home for the first time, the excitement can make it difficult to focus on. Have fun, wander around and mentally note your first impressions of the space. Once the butterflies have died down, it's time to get to work. 3. Check For Hidden Costs Buying a new home can be even more expensive than you expect. There are lots of hidden costs that can add more than 10% to the total bill, which you need to budget for. 4. Speak To Immediate Neighbors How many people in the neighborhood own their homes? Sometimes it’s hard to tell at first if you’re choosing a neighborhood that’s primarily rental houses. 5. Take A Balanced Decision Time for the fun part, put pen to paper and sketch out your dream property criteria – number of bedrooms and bathrooms, private garden, off-street parking, detached or semi-detached. A crystal cle May 17, 2014
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Vijay to direct Arya again

Actor Arya and director Vijay, the successful combo of Madrasapattinam, seem to be joining hands again. The duo is likely to come together for a romantic entertainer. There are also speculations that the movie might be another historical flick, something similar to their earlier movie Madrasapattinam. May 17, 2014
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton-Prince William Use Fake Names Like Mr and Mrs Jones to Avoid Public Attention

The royals Kate Middleton and Prince William tried to fly incognito from Australia after their three week long royal tour. Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge used alias Mr and Mrs Jones in an attempt to have a low-key departure on Qantas Airways. However, they failed to camouflage their identity when they booked entire first class section of Qantas and checked in 90 bags as luggage May 17, 2014
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Ways To Breastfeed Newborn Baby

The first time you hold your newborn in the delivery room is a great time to start breastfeeding. At the beginning, your body will produce small amounts of a special milk called colostrum that will help protect your baby from infection. Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : A Ventuno Production May 17, 2014

What Gender is Godzilla – Male, Female or Hermaphrodite?

Godzilla has been around for more than half a century, but a good number of fans are still confused about the monster's gender. While the English versions of the movie often use the male pronoun to refer the beast, the actor who played the monster for almost two decades is unsure. May 17, 2014
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Week in Review - 15/4/2014

This week in the celebrity spotlight: Angelina talks “Maleficent” – Nicole opens Cannes – plus we’re at premieres with Bryan, Viggo, Michael and James. 5/9 Fans of Angelina Jolie got a huge thrill at the London premiere of “Maleficent”. The actress brought along Brad Pitt and both mega stars happily posed with the enthusiastic crowd. Angelina dazzled in a black Atelier Versace dress and had this to say about casting her 4 year old daughter Vivienne in the movie. 5/15 Nicole Kidman brought Hollywood glamour to the first night of the Cannes Film Festival. Her biopic “Grace of Monaco” served as the opening movie. And while reviews have been less than stellar, the actress faced her critics in style, donning a strapless Giorgio Armani Prive gown with three dimensional embroidery. At a press conference earlier in the day, Nicole was asked if she’d ever give up her acting career for love - much like Grace Kelly - and this is how she responded 5/12 Over in London, co-stars Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen explained why they think “Godzilla” should be a monster hit. 5/13 Hundreds of screaming fans, many in costume, turned out for the London premiere of “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Four of the leading actors were there to talk up the movie including Michael Fassbender, Patric May 17, 2014