A few days ago, Malayalam actress Premi Viswanath was seen replaced by another actress in Asianet's popular serial "Karuthamuthu". Soon, the actress claimed that she didn't opt out of the serial intentionally, and attacked the makers for evicting her from the project for attending a show on another channel.

Karuthamuthu actress Premi Viswanath says she didn't opt out of serial intentionally

Now, the serial's director Praveen Kadakkavoor has come forward saying that she was removed from the cast as he and his team were fed up with the actress.

Read the translated version of Praveen's Facebook post below:

Dear "Karuthamuth" audience

You might be aware of the fact that Premi Viswanath was removed from the cast for more than two months. Honestly, we had planned to remove her after shooting almost 25-30 episodes of the serial. However, it didn't happen and she was lucky to be a part of more than 300 episodes, that made her a popular actress in Kerala.

I wanted an actress with dark skin for my serial and Premi was Kishore Sathya's friend Dinesh Panicker's Facebook friend. She was later asked to attend the audition, but was selected only due to her dark skin tone even after we understood that she doesn't have any acting skill.

We even organised an acting workshop for her and had a tough time teaching her how to act with the support of the co-artists.

After joining the new channel, Premi thanked many people, but forgot to mention the ones who made her a popular face among the audience. 

We made an agreement with Premi as per the details she provided us with and asked to bring her parents to sign it. However, she didn't bring them and we came to know that the details she gave were fake once we started the serial's shooting. Still, I don't understand the necessity of giving us fake details about her. How long can we work together, when we are sure that the one with us is not sincere to us? That was one of the reasons why we thought of removing her from the cast.

Later, we had many problems with her. Since I don't want to defame her, I will just mention one incident that happened during the shooting.

During one schedule, just a day before the shooting, she informed us that she won't be able to come as she was suffering from conjunctivitis. She even sent a photo of her eyes to the production controller via WhatsApp to make us believe she is sick. Thus, the shooting was cancelled. But she came the very next day looking perfectly alright. However, by that time, we knew that after cheating us she had gone for a dance programme in a temple.

Later, she actually had conjunctivitis, but had to act with that and I think that was how God punished her for lying to us.

Also, I read some online media reports claiming Premi was given only Rs 1500 as if it was a mistake. I request them to enquire if Malayalam entertainment industry pays Rs 5000-10000 on a daily basis to the ones who can't even act properly.

As per the agreement, the actress was not allowed to be part of any other projects and we just technically cited it as a reason for her eviction. She was actually removed from the case due to the troubles the "Karuthamuthu" team had to face because of her. Don't you think the hurdles I had faced as a director because of her have no value at all?

 Read full Facebook post (Malayalam) below:


കറുത്ത മുത്തിന്റെ പ്രിയ പ്രേക്ഷകരെ രണ്ടു മാസമല്ല അതിലുà´' ഏറെയായി ശ്രീമതി. പ്രേമി വിശ്വനാധിനെ കറുത്ത മുത്തിൾ നിന്നുà´' കഥാ...

Posted by Praveen Kadakkavoor on Saturday, December 12, 2015