Premi Viswanath, who rose to fame with popular Malayalam serial "Karuthamuthu", has expressed on Facebook her displeasure over a popular entertainment channel.

The actress, who did the role of Karthika in popular serial "Karuthamuthu" in Asianet channel, is said to have been removed from its cast after she participated in a show in another channel.

Karuthamuthu serial director Praveen Kadakkavoor reacts to Premi Viswanath's Facebook post

In her recent Facebook post, Premi said that as the makers of "Karuthamuthu" cancelled many of her scenes in the serial, she remained jobless for almost two months. It was then that she got a chance to be part of "Kuttikalavara" show in Flowers channel, in which she participated on a temporary basis.

However, citing this as the reason, team "Karuthamuthu" evicted her from the serial and she claims that she never wanted to opt out of the serial intentionally.

Later, she was offered a role in "Moonumani" serial in Flowers channel by Sreekantan Nair. 

Read the translated version of the actress' Facebook post below:

Dear Friends...

My role in "Karuthamuthu" serial has been replaced by another actress. Many have believed that I myself quit the serial. However, that is not the truth, it was the "Karuthamuthu" team, who removed me from the cast.

I was active in the serial, but lately the makers cancelled many of the scenes with me. As a result, I was jobless for almost two months. That's when I got a chance to be part of "Kuttikalavara" show in Flowers channel. So, I joined the new team on a temporary basis. After coming to know about my participation in Flowers channel, "Karuthamuthu" team called me to inform that I have been evicted from the cast.

Actually, they had removed me earlier, but didn't inform until they found my new commitment in another channel as a reason.

It was after that, I was given a chance in "Moonumani" serial in Flowers channel by Sreekantan Nair sir, who realised that I cannot be part of "Karuthamuthu" anymore since I attended the "Kuttikalavara" show.

I am so grateful to Flowers channel, "Moonumani" serial and "Kuttikalavara" for accepting me to their team. 

Dear audience, as I told u, I didn't opt out from the serial intentionally. Many were enquiring on why I am not part of "Karuthamuthu" anymore, that's why am posting this message now. 

Thank you for all the love you give me.

Read full post in Malayalam below:


Dear Friends... കറുത്തമുത്ത് സീരിയലിൽ എനിക്ക് പകരം ഇപ്പോൾ പുതിയ ഒരു ആളാണ്. അതിൽ നിന്ന് ഞാൻ മനപൂർവ്വം മാറി എന്ന...

Posted by Premi viswanath on Friday, December 11, 2015