Leonardo DiCaprio treated to 15 minutes with Pope Francis

There have been 13 popes named Leo in the history of the Roman Catholic Church but perhaps none of them was as famous as the Leo who entered the Vatican on 28 January: Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. Oscar-nominated DiCaprio was received by Pope Francis and treated to a 15-minute audience with the pontiff. But the visit wasnt to put in a good word for him to win a rather important golden statuette. Jan 28, 2016

Jack Black and Kate Hudson talk Kung Fu Panda 3

Po, the Kung Fu Panda of the animation franchise is back for a third outing and Jack Black, who voices the bumbling martial arts heroic bear, couldnt be more happy saying he loves the job and because he gets to go to work in his PJs. However, his enthusiasm for the job isnt echoed by his co-star Dustin Hoffman, who voices Pos mentor Shifu, who said it wasnt fun and the process is the opposite of what most actors learn in terms of their trade. Jan 28, 2016