Jr NTR with Pradeep Machiraju on Dhee 10 grand finale
Jr NTR with Pradeep Machiraju on Dhee 10 grand finaleTwitter

11.10 pm: The coming up episode creates a curiosity of who is to win the Dhee-10 Grand Finale. NTR is to appear in the finale episode of Dhee 10 Grand Finale. With such super-talented contestants, we need to wait until the finale episode to get the official result of Dhee 10 Finale title winner. Waiting to see NTR having fun on Dhee 10 Finale show.

11.05 pm: Aishwarya begins her next performance with one of the classic numbers. Though the choreography is neat and entertaining, it seems like the performance and the song goes out of sync. But, the energy is just superb. The judges are in awe.

11.00 pm: Pradeep started his next performance with a powerful energy. With the sensational dialogues from Arjun Reddy, it was a superb beginning for Pradeep. Mass, as well as energetic performance. The gang had changed the moods of the songs in a fraction of seconds. Pradeep even performed some feminine gestures. On a whole, it was a very entertaining performance, with a huge praise from the audience. The judges had nothing to do, but appreciate the outstanding performance.

10.45 pm: Aishwarya's performance is too impressive. Her attire and attitude are just complimenting her performance. There is a fire in her performance. Her careless kind of attitude adds more strength to her whole performance. Her expressions are to be given with extra points. Aishwarya's team is just perfect. The girls use the plaits as the prop here and there.
The judges are impressed with her fire-brand performance. Sunil is lauded for his dance making and choreography.

10.40 pm:  The next performance is by Pradeep from Rashmi's team. An excellent start for Pradeep. With a dynamic song, the performance sees its peaks. Some movements are just instant clap-worthy. Every small detail has perfection. Using a treadmill as the prop is just an out-of-the-box concept. Towards the end, the performance becomes more interesting, with the change of the beats. Stylish, intriguing and perfect finale performance by Pradeep. The judges are just blown with the performance. Yash is lauded for his choreography.

10.25 pm: Pradeep collects the scores from the judges and announces the results. Mukul gets 52.5 points from two rounds, while Raju gets 54 points. Raju is promoted to the climax show in the Dhee-10 grand finale, while Mukul is eliminated. Mukul was just one step away from winning but had to leave the show in the finale.

10.15 pm: Raju's team performance is brilliant. He uses the whole stage, with a sliding board as the prop. The prop is perfectly utilized. The contestants are in perfect sync, with some electrifying songs in the list. Raju's energy needs a few more points. A dynamic performance, with a few robotic dance forms. Also, his half-disappearance during the dance performance got colossal applauds from the audience, as well as the judges. Chitty master is praised.

10.10 pm: Contestant Mukul starts to perform for another number, using a property. The prop concept itself is unique, which depends on a board clipped in the center. Mukul and the other two dancers are seen in perfect sync. But, the usage of the board as the prop goes wrong every here and there. The judges point out that there is a little disturbance, but appreciate the dancers for the attempt.

10.00 pm: Contestant Raju starts his performance with an emotionally powerful subject. With a black backdrop and heavy steps, he steals the attention. The judges are quite impressed with the electrifying dance forms. Shekhar master especially is very impressed with the power-packed performance. Raju gets an applause even from the audience. Dhee-10 judges are too impressed with the performance.

9.50 pm: Contestant Mukul begins his performance from Sudheer and Varshini's team. His song selection and the whole set up is apt for the finale performance. Mukul's energy is just unmatchable. With super positive comments from the judges Priyamani, Shekhar Master, there is a positive environment around. Mukul's master Nagesh is praised for the choreography.

9.45 pm: Sudigaali Sudheer, Rashmi, Varshini, and Pradeep start off creating fun, by challenging each other on winning the Dhee-10 Grand Finale title. The conversation between them is worth a few laughs. The judges explain the grand finale winning process. The finale is divided into two parts, the beginning, and the climax. The dancers along with their masters are called upon the stage and the performances begin.

9.36 pm: The biggest dance reality show Dhee-10 Grand Finale started off with an electrifying introduction.
Host Pradeep gave a superb introduction to four finale dancers. The special guest of Dhee-10 Grand Finale- Young Actor NTR is introduced on to the dais, with a thrilling backdrop music. The grand finale begins with the perky entry of the judges of the reality show.

ETV Telugu's hit dance reality show Dhee 10 will have its grand finale on Wednesday. And chief guest Jr NTR and team leader Sudheer are set to tickle your funny bone with their comedy timing.

Dhee is probably the most popular dance reality show in Telugu with 10 seasons. It is a platform for talented artists to showcase their dancing skills and the panel of judges share useful tips for improving their performances.

The first episode of Dhee season 10 went on air on July 26, 2017, and Pradeep Machiraju is hosting the show with Sudigali Sudheer, Rashmi Gautam, Varshini and Mirchi Hemanth. Priyamani, Sekhar Master, Anee Master as part of judges' panel. Its grand finale will be telecast at 9.30 pm on Wednesday and Jr NTR will be the chief guest on this occasion, confirmed Mallemalatv, which has produced the show.

The grand finale episode of Dhee 10 was shot in the third week of June and Jr NTR had attended the filming, taking some time out from his busy schedule. Some photos and videos featuring him on the show were leaked on social media which showed the actor honour the winner with a trophy and cash prize. They have revealed that Raju is the winner.

Mallemalatv had also released a 7.16-minute-long promotional video on July 4 to confirm Jr NTR's presence on the grand finale of Dhee 10. The video has gone viral on social media and created a lot of buzz with its views count crossing 6,195,260 views in a week. What struck the most in this clip was Jr NTR's stylish introduction, which has made all his fans eagerly wait to watch the grand finale episode.

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