Human race will die out in just over three years if all of us turn cannibals. [Representational Image]Wikimedia Commons

Spreading the fake news of cannibalism triggered racial attacks on six Africans nationals in Dwarka, New Delhi on Thursday. The shocking incident happened after rumours spread that a few Africans had kidnapped children and were cannibals.

The series of attacks took place at different areas of Dwarka in which four Tanzanian women and two Nigerian men were attacked by the people. 

Police had received multiple calls against the Africans starting from 7 pm, including a woman who alleged that her 16-year old son was kidnapped by them. When police arrived at the scene, they found nearly 200 people gathered around their house. 

Assifa and Rizika, two Tanzanian women were rescued from the scene, after an investigation showed that they were not involved in any such activities. Two other women were also rescued from Old Palam Road in Dwarka. The victims have been identified as Fatima & Esta Joshva. 

The police also found two Nigerian nationals in a room identified as Nwaogu and Ogbuewu. Nwaogu doesn't possess an Indian visa and is likely to be deported. They had allegedly been locked from the outside of the room while they were sleeping.