Ghaziabad woman demanding her salary dues beaten to death

The woman was working at a refrigerator repairing centre but left the job some time ago. On Friday, when she came to collect her remaining salary, the son of the centre's owner, Rohit Saxena, allegedly started beating her, the police said. May 11, 2019
indian army

Terror Trail-V: The politics of abduction in Kashmir

The bleed India strategy has been predicated on keeping the pot boiling as nearly 700,000 Indian troops and paramilitary forces are at hyper vigil in Kashmir at very low cost to Pakistan, ensuring enormous expenditure to keep our military and polity bogged down. May 11, 2019
Soldiers take position during a gun-battle with militants at Rehmatabad village in Jammu and Kashmir's Sopore district on Feb 21, 2015.

Terror Trail-III: The missing pieces of Kerala and Bangladesh

The LeT along with Jaish-e-Mohammad are the two principals in the proxy war against India, both have skin the terror game and in many ways is the mirror image of ISI C Wing which runs, controls and minds the military-jihadi complex in Pakistan. May 9, 2019