With the coronavirus dreadfully spreading its ripples of panic across the public worldwide, multiple services in most of the major cities including India have been seriously impacted.

Bengaluru, one of the busiest cities in the country, shows off severe impacts the COVID-19 precautionary measures have had on the public. The coronavirus pandemic has helped in achieving what years of stringent traffic control measures have failed — empty streets with no traffic congestions.

Indians dealing with the Pandemic situation 2020.
A man walking on the roads wearing his mask on in (Sampangiram Nagar), Bengaluru. While most of the corporate offices stayed shut.Sweekriti Bharti

City hubs remain deserted

According to the New Indian Express report, the areas including JC Road, Mysore Road, KG Road, Lalbagh Road, KH Road, Trinity Circle, MG Road, Cunningham Road, and Race Course Road, which otherwise saw very heavy traffic congestions are suddenly experiencing smooth traffic.

Fitness coach conducts class for people under lockdown.
Coronavirus Creatives lockdown

While, the Indian government on Wednesday, 18 March, said the number of positive cases of Coronavirus in India has risen to 151, including 25 foreign nationals. The highest number of cases have so far been reported from Maharashtra (39), with Kerala (25) and Uttar Pradesh (15) following behind.