The fight against the massive threat of Corona Virus or COVID-19 has got all sections of Indian society involved. In times such as these, messages by superstars of various fields can go a long way in guiding people to remain calm and adopt proper safety measures. This is why Sachin Tendulkar has also actively joined the fight against the global pandemic.

Some days ago, the Master Blaster of Indian cricket issued a video about the correct way to wash hands in order to avoid contracting COVID-19. Now, the cricket legend has given an interview where he has advised people on how to be alert in the fight against the spread of Corona Virus. The former Indian cricketer has asked fans to follow the template of Test cricket in this task.

Tests and COVID-19

"Test Cricket rewards you for respecting what you don't understand. It makes you value the virtue of patience. When you don't understand the pitch conditions or the bowler, defence becomes the best form of attack. Patience is what we require now, if we have to defend well," Tendulkar says in the early part of his comments.

Sachin Tendulkar Diwali
Sachin is doing his bit for fighting Corona VirusTwitter

The legendary former batsman goes on to draw further parallels between the longest format of his game and the way Indians have to remain vigilant in their fight against COVID-19.

"To use a cricketing metaphor, while individual brilliance can help a team in shorter formats of the game, in Test cricket it is all about partnerships and teamwork. If a batter faces the easy overs and keeps letting partners take on the menacing bowlers, then he or she may score runs and remain unbeaten, but the innings will collapse. This is a valuable lesson for us to learn from," Tendulkar wrote for Times of India in a special article.

Patience is key

According to the former India captain, just as batsmen take things session by session in the Test format, people should keep themselves focused and patient in this fight against Corona. "As individuals, let's follow the recommended precautions from health experts. This pandemic has been a true test of our character, but it has also brought all of us together. We shall take this battle session by session, and eventually emerge victorious."

These words from Sachin are valuable and should reach the millions of devoted fans he has in the country. India has so far avoided letting this malaise reach dangerous proportions. So far, less than 200 cases of the virus have been confirmed in India. The union government and state governments across the country are trying their best to keep people from taking unnecessary risks.

The likes of Sachin Tendulkar are important in keeping people on their guard as well as keeping their morale high in this crisis which has left several countries crippled.