WhatsApp is both great for communication but also dangerous in spreading fake news. Facebook has taken several measures to combat fake news, but the misinformation continues to haunt its makers and users. In the event of coronavirus pandemic, a lot of concerning forwards in WhatsApp groups are being circulated to create panic among people.

We at International Business Times, India, are always trying to bust viral hoaxes and fake information spread on WhatsApp and social media. Continuing our efforts to prevent panic among people, here's another hoax bust of a viral WhatsApp forward that is asking people of Bengaluru to stay indoors from 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. tonight.

Coronavirus myths
Hoax busted

BBMP asks Bengalureans to stay indoors

The viral WhatsApp forward has been spotted in various groups. Here's how the message reads:


Kindly request you not to come out of your house after 10 pm tonight till tomorrow 5 am.... As BBMP will be spraying medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19!!

Share this information to all your friends, relatives and family members who are residing in Bangalore.

Thank you! From BBMP

Fact Check

First of all, no official BBMP notice will be shared over WhatsApp as a plain text without giving any credible proof. Secondly, the content of the message is creating unnecessary fear and has incorrect facts. Things like "spraying medicine in the air" "kill the Covid-19" are two bold claims that are wrong in their entirety.

Indians dealing with the Pandemic situation 2020.
A man walking on the roads wearing his mask on in (Sampangiram Nagar), Bengaluru. While most of the corporate offices stayed shut.Sweekriti Bharti

But that assessment is not sufficient to calm the minds of people who are convinced that such a process is being carried out in Bengaluru tonight. BBMP Mayor of Bengaluru M Goutham Kumar was quick to debunk the viral message and said: "There is no such directive from BBMP. Don't fall prey to rumours. Call 104 for any help. Help us to help you."

In conclusion, the WhatsApp forward appearing to be from BBMP asking Bengaluru residents to stay indoors tonight is fake.