Kaushal Manda with his wife Neelima in the press meet
Kaushal Manda with his wife Neelima in the press meetScreenshot of YouTube video

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 winner Kaushal Manda revealed in a recent press meet that his wife Neelima is suffering from cancer and she declined to take treatment until his acting career is launched.

Some people claimed that Kaushal had cheated them by leveraging them in the name of Kaushal Army. It was also alleged that he had promised to donate the cash prize for winning Bigg Boss Telugu 2, but he had not done. Kaushal held a press meet to give his response to the series of accusations against him.

Addressing the press meet, Kaushal Manda said, "The cash for the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, which I won with a lot of effort, was Rs 50 lakh and I received Rs 34 lakh after all tax deductions. I could not save my mother, as I could not afford her cancer treatment. Like mother, there are many other women facing similar problems. I announced to use the amount to support such women and I am doing it."

On this occasion, Kaushal Manda also showed proof of supporting a victim named O Prashanthi (from BHP Township). He also revealed that she is from Vizag and is suffering from the fourth stage of cancer. Since he also hails from the same place, he got to know about her and decided to extend his helping hand.

The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 winner said, "I am making effort to use every penny of my hard earned money for a genuine person. Since I am born and brought up in Vizag, I got to know about O Prashanthi. I met her and assured to adopt her and I also gave Rs 25,000 as the first step towards her treatment. I will be with her until she recovers from cancer."

Meanwhile, Kaushal made it clear that he cannot donate money without knowing the details of the patient. He added, "Then I will move on to other patients one by one. Since I got prize money, I can't distribute Rs 1 lakh to each cancer patient. I have to choose the patient. I have to go through doctor's report, talk to him and then I will prove."

Some people had also complained that Kaushal's wife Neelima, who often defends him on social media, was also part of his alleged activities. Responding this allegation, "You guys also made charges against my wife. My wife has been keeping aside her problems to support me to launch my acting career and fulfil my mother's wish."

Showing the proof, Kaushal added that "What is not known to you is that she (Neelima) is also suffering from abnormal cancer. She has cancer tumours in her body and she needs to get it operated. But she is waiting for me to sign a film. She wants to undergo operation happily after my career is launched."