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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 title winner Kaushal Manda refuted claims made by a group of people who accused him of looting money from his fans. He opined that the group of people is targeting him as he refused to take a movie project which was supposed to materialise soon.

"These people are targeting me to destroy my career. All the claims are mere attempts to wreck my name. These people are answerable now", Kaushal told to the media.

Kaushal held a press meet in response to the claims made by the aforementioned group. A recent live show on a Telugu news channel had a group of people accusing Kaushal Manda and his wife Neelima of looting money from Kaushal Army.

The people who claim to be from Kaushal Army had come up with complaints that Kaushal had cheated them by leveraging them in the name of Kaushal Army(Kaushal's fan brigade).

In response to the series of accusations, Kaushal held a press meet to give clarity on the matter. Kaushal also revealed that the group of people had set up secret cameras when he was alone with his wife in a hotel room. Kaushal went on answering the questions by the press. He also informed the media that he will approach the Human Rights Commission for justice.

Kaushal and his wife Neelima fired on the media person and the News channel who portrayed them in a wrong way intentionally. Kaushal also clarified that he had dedicated his hard-earned prize money (Bigg Boss Telugu 2 title winning money) to cancer patients. 

Kaushal reveals that even his wife is suffering from cancer. Kaushal is seen getting emotional about people targeting him and his wife repeatedly. 

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 title winner Kaushal Manda and wife Neelima refute the allegations made against them.