The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam has been receiving widespread criticisms from viewers since the telecast of the first episode. From the first episode, contestants, after making a group purposefully targeted Rajith Kumar, and it played a crucial role in elevating the audience support for the botany professor. Later, social media users targeted host Mohanlal for taking a biased stand during the weekend episode.

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Mohanlal not watching Bigg Boss Malayalam episodes?

Several statements from Mohanlal during the weekend episodes have made many believe that he is not watching any of the episodes before coming to host the show on Saturdays and Sundays. As per these critics, Mohanlal is just a puppet in the hands of Endemol Shine, and he is just reading the script which is provided by the organizers of the show.

A few weeks back, Fukru, one of the contestants manhandled Rajith Kumar. However, during that weekend's episode, Mohanlal did not take the issue seriously, and he was apparently targeting Rajith Kumar who was actually the victim.

Later, in one episode, Jasla who was evicted this week made some vulgar comments and asked Rajith Kumar to search her faeces to find gold. Surprisingly, Mohanlal did not ask even a single word about this, and it literally shocked the audiences.

The most vulgar comments made by a contestant in this edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam came from Pashanam Shaji. During one of the tasks, Shaji called Abhirami Suresh and Amritha Suresh 'prostitutes'. The comedy actor also added that he wished to sleep with these sisters whenever he visits Kerala. However, Mohanlal did not bother asking anything about these obscene comments.

Social media outrage against Mohanlal

As Mohanlal continues his biased anchoring, social media users are urging the Superstar to stop anchoring this show and concentrate only on acting. Some users argue that powerful personalities like Suresh Gopi will be the perfect choice to host shows like Bigg Boss.

Audiences allege that Mohanlal is playing hand-in-glove with Asianet and Endemol Shine to make Arya the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam. They also believe that the entire voting process of Bigg Boss Malayalam is manipulated, and they urge program organizers to disclose the voting statistics during weekends.