Social media users have long been alleging that Bigg Boss Malayalam, the most popular reality show in Kerala is scripted. The recent Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam that featured Mohanlal questioning the contestants has added up the heat to these assumptions.

Bigg Boss malayalam scripted
Mohanlal and Jasla in Bigg Boss Malayalam 2Hotstar

Sooraj evicted from Bigg Boss Malayalam?

In the final 30 minutes of Bigg Boss Malayalam, contestants can be seen talking to Mohanlal, the host of the show. However, during these scenes, Sooraj is not there in the living room. Later, after Mohanlal's talk, contestants were seen talking to each other inside the house. At these moments too, everyone noticed the absence of Sooraj.

This clearly indicates that Bigg Boss editors have shown the moments after the eviction of Sooraj. In order to elevate the TRP ratings, Endemol Shine and Asianet might be telecasting the eviction only on Sunday's episode. However, it is still unclear why Mohanlal is supporting these manipulations which are happening in the backend of the show. Social media users allege that Mohanlal is intentionally becoming a part of these manipulations just for the sake of money. Some netizens have started urging to bring Suresh Gopi as the host of Bigg Boss Malayalam in the next episode. 

Interestingly, on the Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Veena also gave a hint regarding Sooraj's elimination from the house. In one scene where Sooraj is not there in the living room, Veena can be seen proudly saying that she had earlier predicted the eviction of the radio jockey.

Jasla also going out of Bigg Boss Malayalam?

As most of the contestants who exited the house due to eye infection have returned, social media users believe that a double eviction will happen on Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Current trends indicate that social activist Jasla will also exit the house along with Sooraj on Sunday. Rajith Kumar, as always will stay safe, along with Arya, Veena, and Fukru.