Another weekend episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 is just hours away, and as always Mohanlal, the anchor of the show will announce the name of the person who will be eliminated. On Monday, housemates had nominated Dr Rajith Kumar, Veena, Arya, Jasla and Sooraj to the elimination list. Current trends indicate that Rajith Kumar, Arya and Veena are safe in this list which pulls Sooraj and Jasla to the danger zone.

Bigg Boss
A Screengrab from Bigg Boss Malayalam: Hotstar

Who leave Bigg Boss Malayalam house this weekend?

Social media users believe that Sooraj will go out of the Bigg Boss house in all probabilities. Even though Sooraj has tried his best to participate in tasks, none of them made any impacts and audiences are quite eager to see the eviction of this radio jockey. Moreover, Sooraj has always tried to build an alliance with Arya, and this has irked several audiences.

On the other hand, Jasla Madasserry is now receiving criticisms for her biased attitude against Rajith Kumar. The social activist always finds time to target Rajith Kumar, but she used to remain silent when other issues happen in the house.

A few days back, Pashanam Shaji had used filthy language against Amritha and Abhirami, and Jasla did not bother to react against these comments which degraded the divineness of womanhood.

Rajith Kumar continues his dream run

Rajith Kumar
Manju Pathrose and Rajith KumarHotstar

Even in the midst of all these problems, Dr Rajith Kumar stands apart, and he continues to woo the audiences with his genuine attitude and self-styled game playing style. Rajith has also succeeded in impressing new wild card entries, Amritha Suresh and Abhirami Suresh.

Interestingly, Sujo Mathew who did not share a nice relationship with Rajith Kumar in the initial days has also changed his attitude. In the recent episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Sujo can be seen talking with Rajith Kumar a lot, and the botany professor repeatedly advised the young model to take important decisions.

The only strong opponent for  Rajith Kumar is none other than Arya. Widely considered a clever gamer, Arya's tactics will surely pose a challenge to Rajith Kumar in the coming days.