As the Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 has ended, audiences are urging Asianet and Endemol Shine to replace Mohanlal with Suresh Gopi as the anchor of the show. Mohanlal's biased anchoring against Rajith Kumar is one of the main reasons behind this social media backlash, and they believe that a stubborn man like Suresh Gopi is the perfect choice to host such a show where truth has to be told without any hesitation.

Mohanlal gave a crucial hint

In the Saturday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Mohanlal apparently gave a deliberate hint that is expected to go against Rajith Kumar in the coming episode. During the episode, Mohanlal told, "It is God who makes someone popular in three or four days, and the same God will make a man fall flat from the top within seconds."

With these words, Mohanlal was indirectly targeting Rajith Kumar who became the favorite contestant among audiences within a very few episodes. Social media users believe that Asianet and Endemol Shine want Arya to win the show, and in order to achieve this, they are playing all dirty games to evict Rajith Kumar from the house.

Mohanlal Suresh Gopi
Mohanlal and Suresh GopiYouTube

In Saturday's episode, Daya Aswathy and Reshma also came back to the house. While talking with Mohanlal, Daya alleged that Rajith Kumar had intentionally tried to isolate her after Pavan entered the house. At one point in time, after seeing Daya's reactions, Mohanlal was seen making an embarrassing gesture.

Who will be eliminated this week?

Current voting trends indicate that Sooraj and Jasla will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss Malayalam house this weekend. Rajith Kumar, Fukru, Veena and Arya will remain safe this week too.

Even though entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam show with huge expectations, Sooraj failed to make any impacts, and most of the time, he was seen sitting alone. On the other hand, Jasla, being a social activist continuously failed to intervene in social discussions that happen in the house. Last week, Shaji made some obscene comments against Amritha Suresh and Abhirami Suresh, but Jasla remained silent, and it literally surprised the audiences.