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Mollywood movie buffs call Mohanlal as 'Lalettan' out of love, and there was a time when the Complete Actor in the industry delivered decades of classic acting performances in movies like 'Dhasaratham', 'Thanmathra', 'Thalavattam', 'Kireedam' etc. Apart from these classic performances, the actor has also become a trendsetter among youth through movies like 'Devasuram', 'Sphadikam', and 'Raavanaprabhu'. 

But now, it seems Mollywood has already lost that vintage Lalettan who expressed emotions easily through his eyes, since his makeover in 'Odiyan'. Allegedly screwed himself with botox injection, the actor is now having a difficult time to express his emotions, and it became clearly evident in movies like 'Ittymani: Made in China', and 'Big Brother'. 

It all started with Odiyan

Even though the actor's dominance at the box office is unquestionable,  he is facing criticism for his lost facial charisma over time. The change happened after the movie 'Odiyan'. Director Sreekumar Menon tried to bring down his age and made look twenty years younger than his actual age. But that came out to be a disaster. The most anticipated movie of the year totally made fans and critics sad. But it was top on the chart of highest gross earning movies.

However, even in the midst of this chaos, Mohanlal delivered the biggest industry hit 'Lucifer' in 2019. The film had a huge pre-release hype, as it marked the directorial debut of Prithviraj Sukumaran. The film made in a large canvas was loaded with wide-angled shots, and Prithviraj utilized Mohanlal's mass avatar to the fullest in this flick. But even in this movie, Mohanlal remained completely emotionless throughout, and he simply walked in slow motion and delivered powerful oneliners.

Big Brother clearly shows Mohanlal's struggle

Its still surprising that a seasoned actor like Mohanlal gave a positive nod to a mediocre film like 'Big Brother'. The film would not have been a hit even if it was released in the 1990s, and the most interesting fact is that Mohanlal literally resembled a freaking android in this movie. The actor literally failed to manage his emotions even though the shoddy script does not demand any kind of emotions, apart from the audience's yawn. 

The upcoming line up of Mohanlal movies also indicates that the actor is apparently running towards expanding his box-office power, and he is seemingly reluctant to act in movies like 'Thanmathra', or 'Thoovanathumbikal'. For Mollywood, Mohanlal is a gem, and apart from the star's diehard fans, everyone loves to see that vintage Lalettan who has captured a million hearts.