The 50th episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam was surprisingly colourful, and the contestants were seen showcasing their artistic talents in the initial moments of the episode.

Later, three contestants, Sandra, Sujo, and Raghu who were expelled from a house due to an eye infection returned to the house. However, the surprise factor of the 50th episode was an unexpected wildcard entry.

Amritha and Abhirami

Amritha Suresh and Abhirami Suresh enters the house

Contestants were surprised to see sister duo Amritha Suresh and Abhirami Suresh entering the show. Even though Amritha and Abhirami are two different individuals, they will be considered as one single contestant by Bigg Boss.

"Amritha and Abhirami have reached the house with a new specialty. Even though they are two individuals, they will compete in Bigg Boss as one contestant. In tasks and nominations, these sisters will be considered one contestant," said Bigg Boss.

What to expect in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam?

As Sandra, Raghu and Sujo have returned to the house after completing the treatment, audiences believe that they will soon build a good rapport with Dr Rajith Kumar, who is now the most popular contestant inside the house. On the other hand, Rajith Kumar may stay away from the current contestants, and he is expected to build a good relationship with Amritha and Abhirami.

Who was eliminated on Saturday's episode?

In the Saturday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Manju Pathrose was evicted from the house. Surprisingly, Manju Pathrose went out of the house without any emotional melodrama. As Mohanlal announced the name of the person who is going to be eliminated, Manju Pathrose stood up and hugged everyone. Later, after taking a selfie with the housemates, Manju Pathrose left the house without any tears in her eyes. After coming out of the house, Manju Pathrose revealed that she is happy to reunite with her family members.