Bigg Boss Malayalam
Manju Pathrose weeping in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2Hotstar

On February 16, 2019 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2, Mohanlal asked all contestants who are in the elimination list to stand up. Later, he revealed that Dr Rajith Kumar and RJ Sooraj are in the safe zone, which pulled Manju Pathrose and Pradeep into the danger zone. Both Manju and Pradeep went out of the house to a secret room where they were blindfolded. However, after some time, Manju Pathrose returned to the house, as she was in the safe zone, and Pradeep was eliminated.

Manju Pathrose's melodrama irking audiences

The majority of Bigg Boss Malayalam audiences are literally irked as Manju Pathrose was not evicted from the house. From the very first day of the show, audiences are complaining about Manju Pathrose's behavior, as the serial actress always used to cry even for silly reasons. Manju along with Veena Nair has been always been playing an emotional game in the show, and they have already made a cocus inside the house aimed at targeting Rajith Kumar, the most popular and powerful contestant in the Bigg Boss house.

Rajith Kumar
Manju Pathrose and Rajith KumarHotstar

In several Facebook groups, audiences are alleging that Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 is scripted, and that is why weak contestants like Manju Pathrose and Veena remain in the show. As per these audiences, Asianet is purposefully eliminating the wrong contestants just for the sake of TRP.

Is Bigg Boss voting manipulated?

Audiences are also urging Asianet and Endemol Shine India to make the voting process transparent. They believe that Asianet is manipulating the voting process to avoid the eviction of their favourite contestants like Arya, Manju Pathrose and Veena Nair.

It should be also noted that physical assault is against Bigg Boss rules. But in an episode aired on last week, Fukru alias Krishnajeev manhandled Rajith Kumar following a tiff after a daily task.

However, Mohanlal did not react strongly against Fukru and this intentional silence from the Superstar is receiving backlash from all corners.