Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2  is revealing controversies with each episode unfolding. A few days back, Fukru manhandled Rajith Kumar and surprisingly, Superstar Mohanlal did not react as expected.

This move by Mohanlal left everyone surprised, and it made many people believe that the Superstar is taking a biased stand against Rajith Kumar. Fans of Bigg Boss Malayalam reacted strongly when Manju Pathrose was not eliminated from the show, last week. 

Manju Pathrose
Manju Pathrose and FukruHotstar

Manju Pathrose's relationship with Fukru

Due to her highly sensitive nature and emotional attitude, Manju Pathrose is slowly emerging as the most hated contestant in the house. In the house, she shares a very good rapport with Fukru, and the actress has several times claimed that the Tik Tok star is like her son.

However, before entering Bigg Boss, Manju Pathrose had said that she is unable to consider anyone as her son other than her own kid. She even added that contestants who are crying inside Bigg Boss are just faking it to survive in the show.

Surprisingly, it was Manju Pathrose who started doing all these emotional melodramas after entering the Bigg Boss house, and this is one of the factors that is irking the audiences.

Manju Pathrose
Manju Pathrose kissing FukruHotstar

It should be also noted that Manju has several times hugged and kissed Fukru, and it has made many believe that their relationship is not that pure and genuine.

During last week's nomination, Rajith Kumar has also targeted Fukru, and he informed Bigg Boss that something that cannot be accepted is happening between Fukru and Manju.

Rajith Kumar ruling the show

Even though Rajith Kumar was a controversial figure before entering the Bigg Boss show, he became one of the most lovable contestants as episodes passed by.

With his genuine stand on all issues, Rajith Kumar now enjoys a mammoth fan following on social media platforms, and audiences believe that he will be the title winner this year.

However, a section of audiences argues that Asianet with the help of Endemol Shine and Mohanlal are manipulating the voting process to make Arya the title winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2.