Anul Jalota, Jasleen Matharu
Anul Jalota, Jasleen MatharuColors TV

Bhajan maestro Anup Jalota and his disciple Jasleen Matharu's love-story has sent shockwaves not only inside the house but across the nation. Her parents are the ones who have been shocked by this revelation as they are still trying to digest their daughter's unconventional love-life.

From claiming that it has become difficult for them to even leave the house to their relatives and friends bombarding them with questions, Jasleen Matharu's family is surely having a hard time outside.

While his father was not in favour of Jasleen and Anup Jalota's relationship, he talked about Jasleen's pregnancy rumours which surfaced online. Kesar Matharu has pleaded with people not to tarnish his daughter's image like that.

Talking about it in an interview, Matharu said that he has seen few posts on social media claiming that Jasleen had undergone abortion last year. Her father said that these things are quite wrong and they shouldn't be saying these things without any proof.

He added that if anyone has solid proof or if anyone comes out claiming they accompanied Jasleen to the hospital or they saw her going to this hospital or have any other kind of proof etc, then he wouldn't object to it. Jasleen's father went onto say that he might have not known about Jasleen and Anup Jalota's relationship but something as big as the news of her pregnancy and abortion is something he would have definitely been aware of.

Talking about Anup Jalota dumping Jasleen on national television, her father said, "If he has broken the pair, it is his marzi (will). She is being herself. She is just like that in the real world. She does not pick up unnecessary fights with people or create unwanted drama. She is quite particular about her dressing. Jasleen loves good clothes since childhood. She can play well on her own too," he was quoted as saying to Bollywoodlife.

Now what new twists and turns will their relationship go through in the coming days remains to be seen.