Bigg Boss 12 nominations
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With each passing week, the nomination game within the Bigg Boss 12 house is getting more and more interesting. While Karanvir Bohra and Srishty Rode are already in the nominations this week, new names – Anup JalotaJasleen and Sreesanth has left us intrigued. Whoever walks out of the house this week, would not only take away a special energy from the house but we certainly would feel their absence.

Last week contestant received the axe of double elimination which made Kriti Verma –Roshmi Banik leave the show. Nirmal Singh of the Nirmal – Romil jodi also had to leave the house. Romil entered the house again with wild-card entry with Surbhi Rana. 

This week's nomination task was unlike any other. Contestants were given deadly dares to save themselves and their partners from the nominations. Dipika Kakkar, who was pitted against Jasleen Matharu, asked her to give away all her clothes and cut her hair short to save herself and Anup Jalota from the nominations. Jasleen refuses to do so leaving both Jalota and the other housemates shocked. Jasleen and Anup Jalota both get nominated for this week's eviction.

All the contestants who have been nominated to leave the house this week have shown us their strong personalities and any of them leaving would turn out to be a huge loss to the house. Since Romil Chaudhary has entered the house again with Surbhi Rana, he is safe from the upcoming nominations. Nehha Pendse, who is the captain this week, is also safe from the nominations.