Anup Jalota, Jasleen Matharu
Anup Jalota, Jasleen MatharuInstagram

The revelation of the 28-year-old, Jasleen Matharu in a relationship with Bhajan maestro, Anup Jalota, had raised quite a few eyebrows. And the fact that the duo had been dating secretly for the last three years left many of his fans aghast.

However, as they say, a heart wants what it wants. With time, the industry and the viewers of Bigg Boss 12, seem to have accepted their relationship. Anup Jalota seems to have fallen madly-in-love with Jasleen and vice-versa. However, this isn't the first time when Cupid struck Jalota. In fact, Jasleen is Jalota's fourth lady-love.

Anup Jalota was a huge name in the music industry when he had met Gujarati girl, Sonali Sheth, for the first time. And for Jalota, it was love at first sight. He and Sonali were in a relationship when his parents found an ideal match for him. However, as it was written in his fate, one week before the week he ran away with Sonali and secretly got married. Shockingly, she left him the very next year, to be with his tabla player Roop Kumar Rathod.

A heart-broken Jalota agreed to tie the knot once again on the insistence of his family. The lavish wedding at a five-star hotel witnessed the who's who of the industry in full attendance. But, as fate would have it, his second wife, Bina, demanded divorce even before they had settled down properly. No wonder Jalota was left devastated after the failure of his second marriage.

Post the marriage debacle, Jalota decided not to engage himself any more with women until he stumbled upon Medha Gujral. Medha, the niece of former Indian Prime Minister I.K. Gujral and the first wife of Shekhar Kapur, had impressed Jalota with her aura of confidence and charismatic personality.

Years later, when Jalota heard that she was single and had been divorced, he didn't waste any time in giving her a ring and asking her out for lunch. An angry Medha, puzzled by his audacity, gave him an earful and denied to come.

However, when Jalota called her up again in the morning, something in her ticked and she agreed to come for a date. The duo chatted for over three hours and the rest as they is history. Medha and Anup had a strong marriage, filled with mutual love and respect for 20 years before Medha died of a heart and kidney failure.

Even though everything about Jasleen and Anup speaks of a "mismatch", we wonder, if Jalota will be lucky for the fourth time with Jasleen Matharu.