Neha Pendse
Neha Pendse at the launch of comedy show Entertainment Ki RaatIANS

It's just been a week but the temperature inside the Bigg Boss 12 house can be seen rising up with each passing second. The situation inside the house is turning more volatile with the ever-changing dynamics and equations of the housemates. While some of the contestants like Saba Khan, Somi Khan, Deepak Thakur, Jasleen Matharu have amused us with their antics; there are many renowned celebs who have left us bored with their diplomacy and playing-it-safe attitude.

Amidst all the drama that unfolds within the house, there were few uncut videos, which have piqued our interest in the show. For starters, we heard a rather bold statement by Nehha Pendse, about her being aggressive in bed. Ahem Ahem! Surprised to hear such a statement from her, right? Well, let's not get carried away, she didn't mean it the way she would have wanted her to mean it!

In a laid-back conversation with Dipika Kakkar, talking about how much keeps going on in her head, all the time, Nehha told Dipika that she is quite aggressive in bed and whenever she wakes up she has all her sheets and blankets thrown on the floor. Dipika too agreed with what Nehha was saying.

Later, Nehha added that sooner or later, people would notice the way she sleeps and her weird positions while sleeping. The duo can then be seen discussing how delicately Dipika sleeps. While Dipika and Nehha are slowly forming a close bond, Deepak Thakur, who had entered the show with his fan, Urvashi, can be seen drifting away from her.

In a house that is filled with some beautiful faces, Deepak seems to have developed a soft corner for Anup Jalota's lover, Jasleen Matharu. Time and again, Deepak has been seen complementing Jasleen on her skin-tone and beautiful face time and again.

Another jodi that has been grabbing some eyeballs is that of Kriti-Shivashish-Roshmi. The apparent fondness the girls have for him and vice-versa has also been one of the hotly debated topics within the house.

Bigg Boss has always given us a jodi, made on the show, to cherish and remember. Now, who emerges out as that jodi this year, I guess, we'll just have to watch it more to find out.