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In probably one of the biggest shockers in this season of Bigg Boss, Sreesanth was evicted from the house in a mid-week elimination. Even though he was not really evicted but has now joined Anup Jalota in the secret room.

Once Bigg Boss announced that there would be a mid-week eviction and one of the three nominated contestants would leave the house, Dipika couldn't hold back her tears. Although the trio – Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Nehha Pendse – were shocked, they put up a brave face and went into the activity area.

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to take the name of one person from the three of them, who they feel don't deserve to be in the house. Dipika takes Sreesanth's name which leaves everyone stunned as she was the one who used to share a good rapport with him.

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Even Sreesanth seemed a bit taken aback by her statement. Shivashish and Saurabh also took the name of Sreesanth. While rest of the housemates nominated Nehha Pendse saying she hadn't done anything yet in the house which could prove that she is worthy of staying in the house.

Bigg Boss then throws a curveball at the housemates by announcing that their decision would not be counted and the decision had already been taken as per the audience watching the show. When BB announced Sreesanth's name to be evicted, Karanvir burst into tears. Surbhi, Urvashi and many other housemates also started crying.

Sreesanth is later seen going to the secret room where he meets Jalota and shares a hearty hug. He tells him that it was Dipika's decision of taking his name that shocked him the most and he would like to know the reason behind why she did it. Anup Jalota tells him that he would get to see a lot of unexpected things from this room.

Later, Bigg Boss throws another googly at the housemates by saying Nehha and Karanvir are still nominated for the weekend eviction and one of them would be ousted from the house based on the voting.