Somi Khan
Bigg Boss Twitter

Amid all the rumours of the wild card entries, new entrants and surprise evictions; one thing has always remained common in all seasons of Bigg Boss – contestants claiming the house is haunted.

Right from the first season, contestants have claimed of experiencing an eerie presence in the house. Now, as creepy as it may sound, this season's Somi Khan also feels the same. Talking about this to Saurabh, Somi reveals that many times she feels that there is someone present around her, who is following her. She adds that this feeling wakes her up but she doesn't leave the bed.

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Somi adds that ever since she has entered the house, she can also feel some supernatural presence. Somi adds that she knows housemates would not take this thing seriously and that is the reason why she does not discuss this with anyone.

Even in the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, we heard contestants saying that they felt the presence of a woman in the room. Some even alleged that they felt someone watching them over all the time.

Interestingly, it is alleged that the Bigg Boss house doesn't allow any holy scriptures or religious books to be taken inside. Now, this might have been done to prevent any damage to them or to avoid hurting any religious sentiments but, this is one more reason the housemates feel the creepiness inside the house.

Even the crew of the show have reportedly experienced some paranormal activity inside the house. Well, we just want the cameras to capture some of this. Wouldn't you want to see it?