Bigg Boss 12, Jasleen Matharu, Anup Jalota, Salman Khan
Bigg Boss 12, Jasleen Matharu, Anup Jalota, Salman KhanColors TV

Of all the seasons of Bigg Boss, the 12th season has been a big let-down. Not only are the celebs too 'non-controversial' but even the commoner jodis have no spark in them. Even Salman noted that the TRPs are not as great as last year, and we definitely know why. Let's take a look at five probable reasons behind the falling TRPs of the show.

More commoners, less celebrities: First things first, even though the concept of bringing in commoners might have worked in favour of the show; but, in reality, many viewers don't enjoy watching the commoners. They are not as witty as Manveer Gurjar nor are they as entertaining as Manu Punjabi. Even Om Baba was better than the commoner lot that we have on the show this year.

A major brawl between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters on Bigg Boss 12.
A major brawl between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters on Bigg Boss 12.PR Handout

Safe game plan: We all watch the show to see the real, not-so-goodie side of the celebrities. But, all the celebrities seem to have done a thorough study on how to conduct oneself in the house. None of them is allowing their real, not-so-friendly side to be exposed, which we saw in plenty in the previous seasons of the show.

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No romantic angle: One of the biggest highlights of the show has always been the link-up or the romantic angle between contestants. And even though we enjoy watching Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu's relationship, we don't get to see any spark between the two. We would love to see some high-voltage romance like that of Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel in this season as well.

Not a single outstanding contestant: It is no secret that not a single contestant has emerged as audience's favourite this year as no-one is allowing their true-self to be exposed. We miss having outspoken, undiplomatic and carefree contestants like – Gauahar Khan, Tanishaa, Juhi Parmar, and Urvashi Dholakia among others in the show.

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No spice, no tadka: Even the commoners are playing it safe this year, leaving no scope for some spicy gossip or crazy fights. No wonder the TRPs are falling drastically.