Rape, Molestation
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In a shocking incident that took place in Bengaluru on Wednesday, June 6, a 25-year-old software engineer was reportedly attacked on the road near her PG accommodation in Kundalahalli. If that wasn't terrifying enough, the attacker is also said to have tried to strip her at the spot.

The techie had gone for a walk around 9.15 pm when the man, identified as Vijay Kumar, lunged at her and threw her to the ground. He then tried to rip off her shirt, according to the Times of India. However, the woman turned out to be nothing like he expected and fought back.

She is said to have gotten up from the ground immediately and beat him up. Kumar then tried to run away but she and a few passersby chased him and managed to catch hold of the accused.

The man was then handed over to the police, who said that Kumar was in an inebriated state and had no clue what he was doing. However, the techie said that he had attacked her on purpose and had even tried to strip her. The police then filed a complaint against the man and he has now been arrested.

The woman is reportedly a native of Bhubaneswar in Odisha and had come to the city in April after getting a job with an IT giant.

The south Indian city of Bengaluru was once said to be one of the safest cities in the country for women. However, there have been several instances of late that have raised serious questions on where the safety of the city is headed.

Just a few days ago, Bengalureans were left in shock when a woman was allegedly molested by an Ola cab driver while she was on the way to the Kempegowda International Airport. The driver, identified as 28-year-old V Arun is said to have taken a different route telling her that it was a shorter one. However, he is said to have stopped halfway in a secluded area and assaulted her, even threatening that he would call his friends and she would be raped.

He then reportedly forced her to strip, took photos of her and shared the images on WhatsApp. The woman pleaded the driver to let her to let her go, and promised that she wouldn't speak of the incident to anyone. He then dropped her to the airport, after which she filed a complaint.

However, the woman's father later said that the driver could not take her pictures as she had bravely resisted and told him that she'd rather die.

"When the driver advanced towards my daughter and tried to pull off her clothes, she not only resisted but also told him she would rather die," the Times of India quoted him as saying.

"Disturbed by her reply, the driver threatened to kill her for resisting. Regaining her courage, my daughter firmly told him that she was ready to die. The Ola driver lost his nerve and let her go," he added.