Haryana teen gang raped
Kumar, a resident of Kasturba Nagar, Mysore Road, heard two men taking his name and walking around outside in flat. [Representational Image]Creative commons

In a bizarre incident that took place in Bengaluru on Monday, June 4, two strangers are said to have forcefully entered the home of Sandalwood director Shiva Kumar N and beaten him up asking him to pay back the Rs 2 lakh he owed a financer. However, it turned out that Kumar wasn't the man they were looking for and the filmmaker had no clue about what these men were talking about.

Kumar, a resident of Kasturba Nagar, Mysore Road, heard two men taking his name and walking around outside his flat. When he opened the door, little did he know that he would be assaulted.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror of the incident, the filmmaker said: "They pushed me in, and began to hit me. They punched me in the left eye, and I began to bleed."

The duo is then said to have dragged him out of the house and continued assaulting him in front of his neighbours. "They even attacked my wife. Luckily, one of the neighbours dialled 100, and the Hoysala patrolling vehicle turned up," he explained.

When the filmmaker went to the police to lodge a complaint, he was told that the goons' uncle has asked them to find a Shiva Kumar NS. "Their job was to recover the money. I told the police that it was not me. At first, the cops did not believe me, and asked why would anyone come looking for me if I was innocent?" he explained. 

Later, the goons' uncle, identified as Ranganath, was asked to come to the police station and meet Kumar. He was then asked if he knew the filmmaker and he said he did not recognise him.

How did the goons pick the wrong guy? 

The two men, who came looking for Kumar, were reportedly given a phone number and were asked to trace the man to recover the money. The men checked the number of truecaller, which showed that the number belonged to the name that popped up was Shiva Kumar NS.

They then checked the person's Facebook page and found a Shiva Kumar NS, which was, in fact, the page of the filmmaker, who goes by the name Shiva Kumar NS on social media. That is where all the confusion began and the two men dialled the number they had been given. 

When the Shiva Kumar, who had actually borrowed the money, answered the call, the duo questioned him about his films. The man unnecessarily boasted about his films and spoke about his contacts in the industry, which then convinced the duo that this was the man they were looking for. 

The two men then downloaded the filmmaker's images from the Facebook page and went looking for him. 

The attacker has now been identified as Varun and he is said to have gone with his associate. The two are now in police custody. "We have detained the attackers, and they have been sent to jail after the investigation. We have booked them under IPC sections 341 (wrongful restraint), 448 (house trespass), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace)," BM quoted the police as saying.