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Marvel Studio might be enjoying the success of Black Panther, as the movie crosses $1 billion mark within a month of its release, but the studio gears up to set the box office on fire with Avengers: Infinity War.

The MCU superheroes loaded movie releases in less than two months and promotions for the epic war has begun. At the bark of the weekend, the Avengers movie dropped several posters and a few interviews have revealed more details about the summer release.

A few plot confirmations were shared, several plots were teased and details about Marvel's future plans were revealed, shared by Entertainment Weekly. So here's what we learnt about through the weekend:


Superheroes will exit: Marvel chief Kevin Feige has dropped a hint that Avengers: Infinity War will watch numerous superheroes leave but it might not be in form of deaths. However, if there are deaths, he said that they will be permanent, leaving no room for the character's return.

"It's safe to say we will say farewell to people," co-writer Steven McFeely confirmed to Entertainment Weekly.

Robert Downey Jr also teased the death of an Avenger in Infinity War. He said, "We're going to pull out the stops, and stop exploring conventions, and look to do stuff where we go, 'Oh, but if we do that, that's very, very definitive.' Well, great, let's get definitive for a change!"

Thanos past will be explored: Actor Josh Brolin delved in detail about Thanos' role in the movie. He explained that because the Mad Titan was not treated right through his growing up years, it left a negative impact on him and resulted into the character he is now. Fans could expect a Thanos flashback in the movie, Brolin hinted.

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Where is the soul stone? EW has revealed that Soul Stone was previously located in Asgard and Loki attempted to steal it for Thanos.

Captain America and Black Panther's bond: Black Panther lead Chadwick Boseman discussed Captain America's shield and revealed the character's bond with King T'Challa. He told EW, "His shield was already made from vibranium anyway. So it's just an extension of what he already had," speaking of his shield. "Me actually giving it to him is a testament to our relationship and trust. They trust each other," he said.

Shuri makes Captain America's new shield? Following the post credits scene of Black Panther and the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, it is being speculated that King T'Challa's sister Shuri will design Captain America's new shield.

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Tony and Pepper's relationship: Tony and Pepper's relationship was also teased by Downey Jr. The actor confessed it was difficult to thread their relationship in every story featuring Iron Man. But they do find a place in Avengers 3.

"Pepper remains the heart of the [Iron Man] story," Downey Jr. goes on. "I think we wanted to get back to that reality. Not just for them, but let's really see how that can add to the something-worth-fighting-for of it all."

Wankanda to play crucial role: Wakanda has a huge role in Avengers: Infinity War, Feige confirmed. He revealed that the entire third act of Infinity War is set in Wakanda. Teasing the plot, director Anthony Russo said, "Cap makes the decision to bring [Vision] here to Wakanda. Earth is making its last stand to keep the stone from Thanos. It's the best place to make your last stand."

Return of an Agent: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. character Agent Phil Coulson could make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. Clark Gregg's character was recently resurrected on the ABC show and fans are curious to see if he would join the Avengers to help them fight Thanos.

New Avengers: Infinity War trailer coming soon: Producer Louis D'Esposito recently confirmed that a new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is on its way. The producer, replying to a fan query about the new promo, asked everyone to be patient.

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Thanos will be the real hero of the movie: "Darth Vader was the pre-eminent villain of my childhood, and we're hoping to make a Darth Vader for a new generation," Russo told Empire earlier this year. "We're hoping he has that complexity to him, and that he strikes fear into the heart of the audience, but at the same time they go on a journey with him. Frankly, Avengers 3 is his movie," he added.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27.