Bigg Boss Telugu 2 host Nani and Sri Reddy
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 host Nani and Sri ReddyCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Natural star Nani, who is currently hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 2, has sent a legal notice to actress Sri Reddy and demanded a public apology for making fake allegations, but she says she is ready to fight a legal battle.

Sri Reddy had personally attacking Nani several times through her comments on Facebook. In recent days, she had intensified her stance and started threatening him in a bid to get into the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. When she did not get the opportunity, she went on to ask him to swear by his family and career that he has not slept with her. Her comments shocked many in the industry.

Actor Nani, who had been keeping quiet all these days, broke his silence and sent a legal notice to Sri Reddy on Monday. In his six-page-long letter, he mentioned all her controversial comments made against him and responded to each one of them. He claimed that they are all baseless allegations and they have caused huge damage to him.

"You have wrongly accused Our Client that, though he portrays the image of an innocent man, he has tortured a girl for one whole day. You have further threatened Our Client with dire consequences. You have also stated that Our Client, though has a family, has resorted to such a behaviour. The said comments made by you are scandalous, extremely defamatory, apart from being false and baseless," reads a statement from Nani's legal notice, which has been accessed by IBTimes India.

In his legal notice, Nani's lawyer claims that Sri Reddy has not provided anything to prove her allegations against him. "The statements were neither substantiated nor any details with respect to the allegations were mentioned by you, thereby clearly indicating that the said statements made by you are false and are being made only to defame our client," it added.

Sri Reddy's charges have caused huge losses with some projects being cancelled. "A number of other endorsements which were being negotiated by our client and were in the pipeline are also being cancelled pursuant your illegal actions of defaming our client. Therefore, your actions have clearly damaged the reputation of our client and has also caused a severe loss of financial and business opportunities" the legal notice added.

Nani's legal notice concludes, "Our Client hereby calls upon you to render an unconditional apology in public and also on the social media within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of notice and to further refrain from indulging in any such illegal actions against Our Client in the future, failing which, our client would be constrained to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you, under both civil and criminal laws, including for defamation, holding you solely liable for the costs and consequences thereof."

Sri Reddy spoke about Nani's legal notice during her video chat with her fans on June 12, which happened to her birthday. Responding to a fan, the actress said, "We should not care about anyone. We should care about ourselves. I really don't want to care any of the shit, because he (Nani) did wrong. On top of it, he has filed a case against me and served a legal notice to me."

Sri Reddy added, "Well! I never care about that f**k. I always care about myself and respect myself. He f**ked me, but he has lodged a complaint to make the people believe him. There is no need to be afraid about it because he is talking ill about me after committing mistake. There is no need to talk about it and we can also show him what we can do."