NASAs ICON satellite to study ionosphere, space weather

NASA plans to launch a new satellite, the Ionospheric Connection Explorer, or ICON, on 8 December. Orbiting above the upper atmosphere, through the bottom edge of near-Earth space, ICON will observes both the upper atmosphere and a layer of charged particles called the ionosphere, which extends from about 50 to 360 miles above the surface of Earth. ICON will observe how interactions between Earths weather and the ionosphere create bright swaths of color in the sky, known as airglow, as well as other changes in the space environment. 2 days ago

SpaceX successfully launches its 14th Falcon 9 rocket

Elon Musk and amp;#39;s SpaceX just successfully completed their 14th Falcon 9 rocket launch, and the company has plans for another launch later this week. SpaceX and amp;#39;s ability to operate missions in quick succession will help to continue to lower costs and boost accessibility to space. 11 days ago

Watch superboldie meteorite explode over China

A huge fireball lit up the sky over southwestern China when a meteoroid entered the Earths atmosphere and burst into flames. NASA data put the velocity of the fireball at 14.6 kilometers per second, generating impact energy equivalent to 540 tons of TNT as it blazed across the night sky near the border with Myanmar. 15 days ago