Carnia Nebula: One of the ‘most massive star-forming regions in the Galaxy’

Incredible images showing the pillars of destruction have been released by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Huge towers of gas and dust within the Carina Nebula are being studied to better understand star formation – and analysis of the images shows how the stars appear to be destroying their creators. Scientists used the Muse instrument on the ESOs Very Large Telescope to take thousands of images of the Carina Nebula, located 7,500 light years away. Nov 2, 2016

Watch a fiery sky lit up by radiowaves from 300,000 galaxies

If humans could see radiowaves then this is what the night sky would look like. For the first time scientists have imaged 300,000 galaxies using a telescope deep in the Australian outback, colouring the images to make the radiowaves visible to humans. Oct 27, 2016