Mark Felt: The man who brought down the White House trailer Play

Mark Felt: The man who brought down the White House trailer

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House centers on Deep Throat, the pseudonym given to the notorious whistleblower for one of the biggest scandals of all time, Watergate. The true identity of the secret informant remained a mystery and source of much public curiosity and speculation for more than 30 years. That is until, in 2005, special agent Mark Felt shockingly revealed himself as the tipster. This unbelievable true story chronicles the personal and professional life of the brilliant and uncompromising Felt, who risked and ultimately sacrificed everything—his family, his career, his freedom—in the name of justice. Sep 20, 2017
Powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake kills dozens in Mexico Play

Powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake kills dozens in Mexico

Dozens were killed after a powerful 7.1 earthquake hit central Mexico. The earthquake toppled buildings knocked out power to millions. At least 100 are reported dead in multiple areas, including Mexico City and the central state of Puebla.   Sep 20, 2017
Hurricane Maria hits Guadeloupe Play

Hurricane Maria hits Guadeloupe

Hurricane Maria barreled through Caribbean island Guadeloupe (date, location)Extreme winds pushing at over 60 miles per hour have resulted in felled trees and collapsed roofs. Maria, now a category 5 hurricane, is headed to Puerto Rico. 400,000 residents have been placed on maximum level violet alert. Sep 19, 2017
Hurricane Maria devastates Dominica Play

Hurricane Maria devastates Dominica

Just days after the destruction of Hurricane Irma, Maria has now made landfall in the Caribbean island of Dominica.The category 5 storm has reported to have caused life threatening surf.Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit posted live updates on Facebook, writing his roof had gone and he had been rescued. Sep 19, 2017