Congress on BJP s CM candidate for Delhi

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): Even as the central BJP leaders deferred the announcement of its Chief Ministerial candidate for the assembly elections in the national capital, Congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi said that the elections are not done yet and the BJP is already fighting for the post of Chief Ministerial candidature. Oct 21, 2013

India reiterates its stand on Kashmir, rejects any 3rd country's intervention

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Monday said that India will not allow any 'third' country, to intervene in its row with Pakistan on the long disputed border issue of Kashmir. Shinde was attending a ceremony on Police Commemoration Day in New Delhi on Monday. Rejecting the demand of Pakistan's Prime Minister for a US intervention, Shinde, said that New Delhi will not let anyone to interfere in the Kashmir issue. Pakistan's Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif who is on a three-day official visit to Washington, raked up the intervention of US to resolve the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. Oct 21, 2013

K Rehman Khan on Communal Violence Bill

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): The Congress led UPA government has decided to introduce the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill in the Winter Session of Parliament. Talking to mediapersons in New Delhi, Minority Affairs Minister K Rehman Khan said that it’s the UPA government’s commitment to bring this bill. After the recent violence in Muzaffarnagar, Rahman Khan shot off a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to bring the Bill in the House at the earliest opportunity. The legislation defines communal and targeted violence and imposes a penalty on public servants for negligence of duty. It also strengthens the rights of the victim in the criminal justice system and envisages a national standard for all affected people. Oct 21, 2013

Proud and confident of our armed forces: Khurshid on multiple ceasefire violations

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): As External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid termed the multiple ceasefire violations by Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC) as 'regrettable', he expressed his confidence in the armed forces, and said that he fully believed that the Army was capable of protecting national interests along the LoC. Oct 21, 2013

Regrettable multiple ceasefire violations by Pak is no way to move forward: Khurshid

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Sunday termed the multiple ceasefire violations by Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC) as 'regrettable', and said the only constructive way forward for the relationship between the two countries was if Pakistan dismantled its infrastructure of terrorism, delivered justice in the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008 and made a sincere effort to comply with the ceasefire along the border. Oct 21, 2013

John Kerry meets Nawaz Sharif in Washington

Washington, Oct 21 (ANI): U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. Sharif arrived in Washington on Sunday for a four-day visit. He is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama on Wednesday (October 23). He is also expected to meet several members of Congress. While interacting with the media persons, Kerry emphasized the importance of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. Relations between the U.S. and Pakistan remain tense on major issues, including Pakistani opposition to U.S. drone strikes and Washington's complaints about the ties of the Pakistani intelligence service to militant groups active in Afghanistan. Oct 21, 2013

JD (U) on BJP's CM candidate for Delhi

New Delhi, Oct 21 (ANI): Even as the central BJP leaders deferred the announcement of its chief ministerial candidate for the assembly elections in the national capital, JD (U) leader Shabir Ali said that the fight for the top spot will always be there in the BJP. The BJP was forced to delay its announcement after Vijay Goel made it clear that he will not tolerate anyone other than him as party's face in the upcoming elections. Oct 21, 2013

Belgium investigates plane crash that killed skydivers

Investigators seek clues to how a plane carrying 10 skydivers, including one making her maiden jump for her birthday, crashed shortly after takeoff in Belgium, killing everyone on board, including the pilot. Duration: 00:44 Oct 20, 2013

Syrian activist in UK keeps grim toll of civil war

His reports are combed through by the UN, foreign ministers and the international press: Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, counts the victims in Syria daily thanks to informants on the ground. Duration: 01:17 Oct 20, 2013

Sydney's iconic Opera House celebrates 40 years

Sydney's Opera House, world heritage-listed as "one of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity", celebrates its 40th birthday with a flotilla of lifesavers, Aboriginal dancers and a gigantic cupcake. Duration: 00:46 Oct 20, 2013

Suicide truck bomb kills dozens in Syria's Hama

A suicide bomber blows up a truck laden with explosives at an army checkpoint in Syria's central city of Hama, killing dozens of people, a monitoring group says. Duration: 00:40 Oct 20, 2013

Nasheed protests as police stop Maldives vote

Maldivian opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed demands fresh elections under a caretaker president, after police forced the postponement of a vote he was expected to win. Duration: 00:41 Oct 20, 2013

Delhi hospitals overflow with hidden dengue epidemic

Dengue fever, one of the world's major mosquito-borne diseases, infects thousands in the Indian capital each summer. But this year numbers are on the rise and hospitals are overflowing with sufferers. Duration: 02:36 Oct 20, 2013

Afghans flock to peace concert

Afghans enjoy a musical interlude as a peace concert with performers from across the region takes place in the capital Kabul. Duration: 00:45 Oct 20, 2013