Smudgy Eye makeup

Most of us have had bitter experiences of our makeup smudging out all over and becoming shabby. On this episode of B for Beauty we show you how to fix makeup that's gone wrong. Check it out! Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on FACEBOOK - - A Ventuno Production : Mar 10, 2014

'True Detective' Season Finale Spoilers: How Episode 8 Ended

Since the beginning of the season "True Detective" fans have been speculating and theorizing on how the series would end. And what no one would have imagined was a happy ending for a show that primarily focused on psycho serial killers. Interestingly, the first season of "True Detective" ended with Rust and Marty finding the killer. Mar 10, 2014

Kochadaiyaan Audio Launch

Finally, Kochdayaan's audio got released this sunday and the songs are rocking. when Rajnikanth reached sathyam cinemas to release the audio, thousands of fans gathered to see their thalaivaa in good health and form! The highlight of the audio release was bollywood baadshah Sharukh, who humbly announced that he came only as a fan of the superstar. The films heroine Deepika Padukone said she's proud to be introduced in tamil through a Rajnikanths film! Mar 10, 2014

The Illusion of Fashion

The illusion of layering and the wealth of silhouettes delineate fashion designer Agni Mitra Paul’s collection at Bengal Fashion Week.  Traditional fabrics and embroideries cede to contemporary silhouettes through innovative use of colour, cuts and techniques. This amalgamation creates outfits that appeal to youngsters which was the basic concept behind the collection. Gurpreet speaks with [...] Mar 10, 2014