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A new research has suggested a diet which men should follow to woo women. Scent plays a crucial role when males try to attract female partners.

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The study carried out by researchers from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia reveals that men can attract women with their scent if they follow a diet that includes more fruits, vegetables along with eggs, tofu, meat, and fat.

Men who consume a carbohydrate-rich diet were found to have sweat whose scent is less pleasant.

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"We've known for a while that odour is an important component of attractiveness, especially for women," said Dr Ian Stephen, the lead author of the study. "Women basically found that men who ate more vegetables smelled nicer," he added.

During the research, the men who participated were asked to maintain a record of their diet. After this, they had to take part in two methods which would be used to find which men had a better smelling sweat.

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A tool called spectrophotometer was used by the researchers. This device measures the diet of a person by emitting light on it and detecting carotenoid-rich skin. Those partakers who portray high levels of carotenoid-rich skin consumed a healthy diet consisting fruits and vegetables in abundance.

The research stated that yellower skin, which is more carotenoid-rich, is considered more attractive.

In the second method, the partakers were provided new T-shirts and they were asked to exercise. The sweaty T-shirts of the participants were then smelled by some women and those males having a fruit and vegetable rich diet were clearly having the best odour.