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A research carried out by the American Medical Association revealed that millions of Americans end up injuring themselves because of pubic hair grooming.

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Here are the top things to know about this research:

In this study 7,456 people were surveyed and 5,674 out of them agreed to grooming their pubic hair at a point in their life. It was found that around 80 percent of women and 67 percent of men trimmed. Shaving was found to be the most common way to groom pubic hair.

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A quarter of hairier men and younger people end up hurting themselves because of this practice and end up in the hospital for surgeries or medication. Out of all the people who were surveyed 75 percent opted standing while grooming, 13 percent preferred squatting and 12 percent preferred lying down.

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It was also found that 27 percent of the partakers used an electric razor for pubic grooming while 2.6 percent opted for waxing and just 0.6 percent of the lot had laser hair removal done. It was found that 133 participants were succumbed to infections post manicuring their private parts.

The study revealed that just 1.4 percent of all the people who let somebody else groom their pubic hair end up injuring themselves require medical treatment. The injuries included burning, rashes, and lacerations.

The research concluded that it is a dangerous technique to lie with one's head up and allow someone else to groom your pubic hair.

Top things to know about pubic hair grooming:

  1. It's suggested to shave the hair in one direction else it can result in ingrown hair.
  2. Consult a dermatologist or physician in case you think you got any infection.
  3. Make sure you use a clean and hygienic razor.
  4. Never let any inexperienced person groom your pubic hair.

According to a research conducted last year by the University of California, people  who trim their pubic hair are at 80 percent greater risk of getting STDs. Those getting Brazilian wax and remove all their pubic hair were said to be at four times greater risk. 

The study stated that more somebody grooms their pubic hair, the more they are prone to STD.

According to Dr. Benjamin Breyer, the author of this study, people who groom their pubic hair are likely to partake in risky sexual behaviours than those who dont.