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Woman flashes breasts on Google mapGoogle Official Blog (screen-shot)

A tourist has sent people into the frenzy as she reportedly flashed her bare breasts on Google Maps. She uploaded a semi-nude video to a quiet route along Pingtung County in Taiwan.

After she shared the naughty clip, the place has racked up several five-star reviews on Maps as the short clip is stood out among other pictures such as farmland and farming equipment.

In the video, the woman said to be 'Western' by many local media outlets, is seen checking over her shoulder before pulling down one side of her pink top to flash her bosom. She also smiles at the camera.

Now that clip is doing rounds on various social media platforms while many local residents jokingly said that they were driving to the village "straight away". Also, the place is flooded with a lot of five-star reviews.

A user commented, "This is a great place! I'm not afraid to make a special trip! This is the glory of being an experienced driver."

While the woman is yet to be identified, Google is trying to find out how the video smuggled easily onto the Google Maps as the application doesn't permit pornographic, explicit or sexually suggestive content.

However, some people are saying the woman must be one of the local guides, thus she could upload a video on the maps. Google notified last September that they were opening their platform to the local guides allowing them to share videos and images on Google Maps.

Google is currently investigating the issue and as well as trying to strengthening the system's automatic detection mechanism.

You can watch the video here: