love and sex
Representational image.Creative Commons.

Public sex is no big deal now, with people getting down to business in the middle of restaurants and even local parks. Still one would think there are some locations where they would agree to draw the line, but no, apparently places like courtrooms aren't off limits either.

A woman performed a sex act on her boyfriend right in the middle of a Russian courtroom, while the man waited in there for the judge to issue her verdict.

The courtroom CCTV caught Lidia Ziborova performing the act on her boyfriend and suspect Andrey Andreev, who was waiting to hear the judge's ruling. It all happened when the judge seemingly left the courtroom to reconsider the verdict.

The Sun reported that the footage is from the security camera in Sovetsky District Court, south-west Russia. The woman can be seen leaning over her boyfriend, while he keeps stroking her head and she continues to pleasure him.

Although the video shows that they are the only two people in the courtroom, Russian media reports say there were three other people present in the same room where the woman was seemingly performing oral sex on her suspect boyfriend.

The moment an officer returns to the courtroom, the woman immediately pulls her head away from the suspect boyfriend's lap. She then smirks at the court official as her boyfriend calmly seems to be zipping up his trousers in front of the official.

Daily Mail Online reported that the film was made at 11:35 am in the court of Rost-on-Don – the host city for the FIFA World Cup in June – while the judge Elena Armist was on her break to decide the verdict.

The pair are said to be in their 30s. The boyfriend, Andreev, was earlier convicted with his girlfriend's brother for stealing four sheets of steel. As for this time, neither the charges he faced not the verdict that was declared has been revealed as of yet.

So far, it is known that he was charged with contempt of court and faces a fine of up to 80,000 RUB (£990) or a four-month jail term.