oral sex,

People tend to go to certain bizarre lengths in an attempt to get whatever they want – be it a million dollars or just free drinks at a nightclub. Especially in case of the latter, the list of things people are ready to do now includes performing sexual acts in front of a huge crowd of people.

Or at least a certain Russian woman thought it was a perfectly reasonable deal, as a viral video that has circulated online, shows her performing oral sex on a stranger in front of the crown after the nightclub promised her free cocktails if she did the dare.

The nightclub in Tomsk, south-central Russia, has received a lot of flack and is practically under fire for making the woman get down on her hands and knees on a stage, in front of a man who was clad in nothing except a pair of boxers – as is seen in the video.

Metro.uk reported that witnesses of the act said that her motive behind carrying out the sexual act was to get a membership card and vouchers for free cocktails at the RayOn nightclub.

Representational image.Creative Commons.

While the nightclub's owner Georgiy Shipakov has denied claims of any sexual act taking place, the video shows the host watching the flow of events while the crowd keeps cheering. Shipakov mentioned that the woman had simply kissed the unnamed man, and also claimed that the nightclub staff was just 'counting the marks from her lipstick'.

He added, "I underline that the man was standing there only half-naked," also stressing that eyewitness who claimed to have seen a sex act happening, were just trying to create some unnecessary 'hype'.

Assuring that all the people in the video were of legal age and also promising to make changes in the nightclub's rules, he said, "I have spoken to the host after that and said that he should not organize any competitions."

While multiple people were outraged at the video after it appeared on social media in Russia, there have also been extremely derogatory, unkind comments on the video, like "What a wh***, she is ready to do anything, so she does not have to pay."