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In a weird incident, a couple was arrested as they were seen performing oral sex in a restaurant in the presence of other customers, including childredn. 

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The couple -- Jonathan Hightower aged 31 and Lashanda Fisher aged 28 – were spotted carrying out engaged in the act in a booth in Baby Acapulco restaurant, located in Austin, Texas.

The incident took place on December 30, 2017, the cops were called around 10:30 pm at the spot. The manager told them that two customers were 'engaged in oral sex at a booth inside the business in front of customers', a report by The Smoking Gun said.

One of the spectators who saw the couple carrying out the sexual act in the restaurant told the police authorities that "she observed the female suspect giving oral sex to the male suspect," a report by metro.co.uk revealed.

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While this crazy couple was carrying out this obscene act publicly in the restaurant, numerous children were present there and the people who witnessed this said that they were very offended.

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When the police were called, the two suspects had already left the restaurant and were at a gas station which was opposite the restaurant, when they got arrested.                                                                                                              

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In another bizarre incident that took place on October 17 last year, a wild tipsy couple from Bridlington started having sex at a Domino's takeaway in Scarborough, England.

The couple – Craig Smith aged 31 and Daniella Hirst, 29 – were having sex in presence of the employees. The duo were caught performing the act in a CCTV footage.

The 18-minute long footage of the duo having sex at the takeaway was posted on Twitter by the staff of the takeaway.

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The couple were trying to make Craig's birthday more memorable and special before reaching Scarborough. They even revealed that that was not the first time they were having sex in public. They claimed to have had sex in public before, including at a hotel, a van, a swimming pool and a bus.

Hirst had apologised for the shameless act she carried out with her boyfriend in public, she even said that "what we did was horrendous and we deserve to be punished." for their brazen act, a report by The Sun stated.

The couple pleaded guilty for outraging public decency and faced punishment.